Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett is an American author, voice actor and radio host. His iconic voice is well known for the commercials from the hotel chain Motel 6 that end with the phrase, "We'll leave the light on for you." 


"The booth is working out great. I send a lot of things out of here on the ISDN line and always get compliments on how clean things sound” said Tom Bodett when we asked how’s it going? For voiceover work, Tom is able to effectively work out of his home now that he has a VocalBooth. Previously for many VO actors producing product as well as audition material meant having to live near a recording studio or traveling long distances to do a job. Today’s technology allows digital performances to be sent anywhere in a blink of an eye. And the way we look at it, if it’s only a voice recording you need to do you might as well be at home where there’s a refrigerator full of good snacks and ample beer! 

He Got

 Mid way through the sales process Tom emailed to confirm that his 4’ x 6’ Gold Series VocalBooth in executive gray did come with a light. We emailed back apologizing that we were all chuckling that Tom Bodett was making sure he had a light he could leave on. He consoled us and said it was okay, he only gets about seven light jokes a day. 

Why He Rocks

 In addition to Bodett’s seven books and sixteen current audio publications, his writing credits include book reviews for the New York Times and reviews and articles for The Los Angeles Times. His work has appeared in TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Harper’s Magazine’s, In a Word, and he was a regular columnist for Mr. Showbiz, a satirical entertainment magazine published by Starwave Corporation on the World Wide Web. He also lends his talents to Steven Spielberg’s animated cartoon, Animaniacs, the feature length Animaniacs video, The Wishing Star, and the Pinky and the Brain series for Warner Brothers Animation. Bodett has also been heard on Saturday Night Live, National Geographic Explorer and several Ken Burns' documentaries. He is currently a panelist on NPR's satirical weekend news quiz, "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" 

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