Soundproof Booth


Soundproof is a very difficult thing to achieve, especially in a shippable, easily assembled product. What we offer is a sound reduction system that allows our customers to isolate instruments, vocals and other equipment in a controlled recording, rehearsal or testing environment. You will find that our products greatly reduce noise from the inside to outside and vice versa. Achieving Soundproof Density and independent components are the most important contributing factors to achieve a soundproof booth. Independent for example would be one of our fully enclosed VocalBooths and your existing room wall. The reason you are currently able to hear what is going on in an adjacent room is that all of the walls are connected and act as sound conductor. By adding a room inside a room you are creating an independence from your current structure with additional mediums and inevitably sound is reduced. Although a VocalBooth is a room inside a room additional density is needed for it to be completely soundproof. If we are to add the additional density needed to offer a soundproof booth our VocalBooths could not be easily shipped or installed by two persons. You would need a team of people and heavy equipment to maneuver each panel. A microphone does not work harder if the noise floor drops. 


What You Can Expect From A VocalBooth

You will find that you can sing loudly or play an instrument in your VocalBooth with the doors and windows closed to your existing room and you will either not be heard outside of that room or you will sound very distant with the sound being inaudible. The same situation is for recording. If the doors and windows to the room the VocalBooth is in are closed, most exterior environmental sounds will not be recorded. In addition, due to the significant sound reduction our VocalBooths provide there is a phenomenon that can occur that will make sounds you hear inside the booth seem abnormally loud. The booth interior drops the ambient noise to such a level that individual sounds that are heard are amplified by your ears in conjunction with your brain. Your ears work harder to hear more. For additional information on how a VocalBooth can make a difference in your recording or sound reduction application feel free to contact us.