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"I'm extremely happy with my VocalBooth. From the initial contact to finished installation I found VB an extremely professional company to deal with. Good advice during the build, good price and prompt answers to every question I asked. In just a few weeks it was manufactured and delivered, on schedule, and it was installed in just one day. The build quality is of a high standard. The sound inside is fantastic, very impressive, and the amount of noise escaping from the room is virtually nil. Also, as I live close to an airport, keeping aircraft noise out was essential, something the Booth also does admirably. Jets fly over regularly but I have yet to hear one when I'm in the room. Buying the booth was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. It's a great place to work." 

Gary Numan. Official Website

"As a voice-over artist with more than 25 years honing my craft daily, I have never been so pleased with a purchase as I am with our VocalBooth. An investment that would pay us audio dividends was what we were listening for. We kept coming back to VocalBooth. The exceptional quality materials, incredible specs, and customization options. Spoken Word Images chose the Platinum series. Goodbye to any and all ambient noise, it stays out and all VO stays in. One of our national television producers remarked, "WOW" after our first session. Freddie Gateley, our service pro, anticipated every question and we were delighted by his passion and expertise. I endorse VocalBooth to any and all. Buy one!"

Pete Bunch Spoken Word Images, Inc. Greensboro, NC USA 

My 8' x 8' Platinum series VocalBooth with blue pyramid foam and hard wood floor is really really slick. I'm really impressed with the overall fit and finish and your engineering. Everything was tight and it went together really well. Your system of barium corner seals works great and the alignment of the windows is amazing. If I were to try and make something like this myself I don't think I could come close to what you do. You have totally exceeded my expectations. And of course, the end result is I now can practice and record drums without disturbing my wife and children. As they say, "Happy wife. Happy life."  

Dean Bilous Calgary, Canada

The booth arrived and is up. I have to say I love it! As it is within another room already it provides almost complete isolation from just about everything else which is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much to your company for building such a great product. 

Alex Brandon Funky Rustic, LLC

We received the 2 Vocal Booths on schedule and in perfect condition at out shop. We uncrated them here and then delivered and set them up at our customer's location. They went together super fast. I added a carpeted 10" shelf below the window so that the user has a place to sit and work and that came out very well. I just wanted to thank you for the good service and I hope we can work together in the future. 

Neal Rockman Cardinal Sound and Motion Picture Systems Inc.

We have been pretty busy with all of the revisions to both our audio and television studios, but wanted to thank you for your help in our recent purchase. We have had the speaker boxes, vocal booth and drum room completely assembled for about a month now and are very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the rooms. We should be fully utilizing them in the next week or so recording a band for an independent study project. We are positive that the rooms will give us the isolation that we have been looking for. 

Mark Harris

I set up the VB Amp Enclosure in the studio and it is working out great. My neighbors don't even know what’s happening. Once again, thanks for everything. 

Rick Noriega

My custom guitar cab finally came in this week, so I had at last the opportunity to put my Speaker Box to work. And it has been working very well indeed. The box in a box design with its additional isolation properties was a good call. My cab pumps out prodigious bass frequencies, and the extra mass of this beefed up Speaker Box is working quite well to dampen the thunder. In short, even though I live in an apartment, I've finally been able to obtain the kind of impressive recording results I've been seeking for a long, long time. The dual doors design is the way to go--the epitome of convenience and functionality. All in all, this Speaker Box is definitely a worthwhile investment that will likely prove useful for the rest of my musical life. Thanks for a great product! 

Ron Anderson

Thank you so much for helping me step by step to design and purchase my new vocalbooth! I am so happy with it, and am so glad that I made the decision to make the investment. The booth was delivered and installed Friday, and since then, I have already gotten my first home studio audiobook for a major publisher, and am well on my way to recouping that initial investment! Adding the extra window on the 6'side makes a huge difference, I lined the booth up with an exterior window which gives me so much light and a sense of space. There is a photo of the booth up on my website, ( before I changed the table (smaller table now, but you get the idea) of how it is being used at the moment. The color is beautiful, the ventilation (so far!) is great, and the response from the samples I have sent to my clients of my records in there has been very positive. Thanks as well for the custom nameplate, made my day!

Emily Bauer Professional VO Artist

"The booth is very quiet so we're able to record perfect audio tracks even though we're located on a pretty busy street" says Tim Lewis, President of Master Communications Group. Tim shares how his 4' x 4' Silver Series VocalBooth is a key component to quality recordings. 

Tim Lewis, President, Master Communications Group

The real question should be - "How are you NOT using your VocalBooth?". Mine is a 12x12 with two small windows and one large window. It's set up in the living room of my apartment, which always blows people's minds when they see it. Besides being the live room for all the jazz, pop and indie rock recordings I do, it's also the practice room for my band (, the practice room for my amazingly talented Welsh friends ( when they're in the U.S., and several of my friends have used it as a nice, quiet bedroom when they're staying in town. It gets rave reviews as a place to sleep. A friend of mine slept through a violent thunderstorm and had no idea that it was happening until I said something about the weather. I was able to find a spot with some almost effect-like bass buildup in one of the corners of the room when tracking a jazz player on his double bass, which really added a nice thick flavor to the direct and close mics. I was also able to track a kick drum from 10' away using a Neumann TLM193 to get a huge marching drum sound, and thanks to the quietness of the room there's no appreciable noise added to the track. Just big, boomy kick. I have recorded a small choir of 10 people, an accordion, a chorus of kazoos, trombone, trumpet, violin, glockenspiel and classical guitar, and every track has come out sounding amazing. Thank you again for helping me out with parts when I've needed them. I look forward to using your booths for years to come. 

Matt Parmenter - Ice Cream Factory Studio, Austin, TX

"We have to let you know how the double walled Platinum series Vocal Booth you custom built for us is doing. When we made our buying decision, we did the sound specs check on your suggested dB ratings and compared them to your competitors. Our special needs were escalated, in that our studio was located right in the flight path at San Diego International airport. In our first studio location, we were two buildings away from the beginning of the tarmac for all arriving commercial jet liners. Odd location for a recording studio, but we had a great view of the water - and clients could get easy access to flying in and out of our production location. The Platinum series double walled and insulated sound booth was a champ! You could hear the airlines arriving every 10 minutes in the building, and in the studio room; but never once on the hard drive recording of our vocal tracks. Many times we would record voice over in Pro Tools, track some acoustic guitar, and even hand and world percussion. Though you could hear the ambient jet liners in the room itself outside the booth, the isolation was good enough to never hear ambient rumble, low frequencies, jet engine noise, or sky scraper cross-over anywhere in a recorded track.While specs may always look good on paper, people will always say 'wait until you hear it', and we did take a gamble on an unknown commodity given our unique circumstances. To date, we feel we made a fine investment. This booth cuts to the chase on an extraordinary acoustic demand. If anyone needs a very quiet VocalBooth given a loud sonic environment, I'd say you folks nailed it - and of course we were happy in comparing prices for our budget." 

Ron Knight, President Knight

"I LOVE my Vocal Booth from! It is certainly the best purchase I have made for my home studio. We do a lot of the recording for our company in my Vocal Booth. Being in a home studio, I had to battle barking dogs next door and in my own house, my own air conditioner and furnace and even planes overhead, as we live in a flight path for the airport. But when I got my Silver Series 4' x 4' booth, all those things are no longer an issue! Thanks for making such a great product at a fair price.""I have given VocalBooth several recommendations to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so." 

Dustin R. Ebaugh, President, Inc

"I bought a Silver Series booth from you folks in 2001 and there is nobody out there that has gotten more use out of it than I over the last 7+ years. I am totally pleased with how well it has held up and can guarantee it will last me a lifetime. Thank you very much!" 

Michael J. Hupka

B&K Products, Inc

"I recieved my Diamond Series 10 Carat (Platinum Package) vocal booth over the Holidays. After spending a couple days putting it together with a buddy, I tried it out, and was very impressed with the build quality and (db reduction) performance. I also wanted to thank your staff for being so helpful with some of the freight issues. I would recommend your products to anyone."

Kind Regards, 

Dave Price Valley Village, CA

"My Silver Series VocalBooth from is everything it was promised to be. It was a painless ordeal from beginning to end. Communication was excellent, Delivery was easy, and installation was a snap thanks to the straight-forward directions provided. Upon completing the installation i noticed my door hinge was on the wrong side. I notified and they took care of it within a few minutes! I would advise anyone looking for a booth or soundroom to contact" 

Frank Margotta Union, NJ

"I'm pleased to report that I have successfully assembled my booth, and am very happy with it. I've had it up and running for about three weeks now, so I'm through the breaking in phase. I am 100% satisfied with the results - last weekend I recorded electric guitar at feedback volumes while my wife slept soundly in the next room. When I asked her in the morning she said she hadn't heard a thing. That's so cool! I have recorded vocals, percussion and several different guitars. The ventilation system works great. I will take some photos of my custom booth when I'm done arranging my equipment around it. Finally, thanks for the excellent customer support. I was very impressed with how you handled the damage that unfortunately occurred in transit. You made the whole experience trouble and stress-free for me, and I really appreciate it.""I have recommended your products to several friends."

Thanks again, 

Cameron Brown

"The sound room used for our microphone demo at NAMM was a perfect fit. Customers were amazed at how much sound this room could hold we were putting 110db into this demo. Our staff, including myself, were very impressed."

David Grant - Crown International

When the decision was made to research all the possibilities regarding our environmental issues, several factors needed to be addressed.. My primary concern, of course, was treating the space we have to work with and providing the best control over ambient and outside noise sources. The second concern was how to best utilize the space available and make it work. The third was cost.The facility is located on the second floor of an executive office building. Behind the property, less than a block away, is a double grade railroad crossing with a busy intersection. We have a hospital close by so we get the occasional siren at all hours of the day. The area where we do the majority of our voice work is just a few feet from equipment, fans and telephones... All these elements played an important factor in our decision to purchase our isobooth.We use our booth primarily for voice-over's on broadcast TV and radio spots. The talent and clients have been impressed to say the least. We've been using the vocal booth for several weeks and we still can't believe the results! Clients are overwhelmed with the improved quality we've been able to achieve and the talent coming in have had wonderful things to say about the booth not to mention how great they sound!From ordering to set up, the process was painless. The booth was delivered to us on time and in great shape. After we off-loaded the truck and unpacked the booth, two of us set it up in a little over an hour. Being on the second floor (with no elevator) - having the booth separated into several pieces made it a breeze to get it up the stairs. The design of the booth and layout of the pieces made it very easy to assemble.Best of all, our vocal booth is QUIET!!! We're located in a very busy part of town not to mention noise from within our building. The booth has been very effective in isolating ambient and outside noise to the point where we don't have to stop and re-cut tracks due to interruptions.Considering the small investment we made, we've extended our audio client base two fold. We're now producing monthly audio magazine programs and a lot more radio spots. The decision to invest in the vocal booth was primarily due to long-term thinking. In an industry where equipment goes out of date before you but it, it's comforting to know that our booth will never be out dated. We'll be making a return on our investment for many years to come. The fact that we can break it down and bring it with us is an added bonus. Plus, it really made our property manager happy when we told him we wouldn't be studding out an audio booth in his building and destroying the rental value of the space when we leave! I've been very impressed with our booth and I know it will continue to be an invaluable addition to our facility. 

Mike Healey - Mike Healey Productions, Inc.

"I have two 6’ x 6’ booths and use them everyday for major label projects. In the last six months I have had Capitol artist and CMA Horizon Award winner, Keith Urban, RCA artists Blackhawk and Shannon Brown, Sony artist, Brad Martin, and MCA artist Sons of the Desert singing in my vocal booths. Several top engineers in Nashville have come out to see my set up and were all really impressed. I could not be more pleased with my purchase and how they allow true master recording to take place without the expensive build out. " 

Monty Powell Nashville, TN

"I’ve been selling products for clients all my adult life; but I only endorse products I use, and like. Case in point, my VocalBooth. My 4'x4' allows me to record broadcast quality voice over's for TV & radio commercials, film narrations, station ID’s, whatever the client wants, right from my own home. I even custom mounted my pre-amp, patch-bay, and small Mackie board right in there with me, which makes self-recording a breeze. Speaking in commercialese, try it, you’ll like it " 

Franz Russell

"We just had some vocals left to do on our latest album, All For One Has Left The Building, when we lucked out and were able to grab the 4'x4' demo from the NAMM show. We used it to record our first release All The Wrong Reasons. I wish we had been able to use the vocal booth from the beginning of the album. We will be upgrading to a larger sound room when we move to our new studio." 

Jamie Jones - All For One

"I'm very impressed with the service. By no fault of their own, the trucking company had completely destroyed the vocal booth crate. There were pieces of my 4'x4' all over the inside of the truck. The very next day Vocalbooth had a new booth crated and on a truck on it’s way to me. We are up and running. Everything is working great." 

Vinny Schmidt- Back Stage Rehearsal