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Who We Are

VocalBooth.com, Inc, founded in 1997, is an industry leading sound recording and sound isolation solution provider.


What We Do

VocalBooth.com, Inc manufactures state-of-the-art portable vocal booths and sound isolation enclosures for the professional and home recording studio, as well as for the audiology, scientific testing and industrial sound dampening industries worldwide. Modular by design, the VocalBooth.com product, a VocalBooth™ can operate as an external standalone sound isolation solution or as an additional booth for a broadcast studio. The most common applications for a VocalBooth include recording, voice over, broadcast, studio control, audio post production, drum isolation, rehearsal and meeting rooms. Each completely enclosed system includes lighting, cable ports, active ventilation, optional windows and unlimited customizations. Available in a single or double-wall design, sizes range from 4' x 4' to 16' x 16'. VocalBooths are also offered in a pentagonal shaped design called the Diamond Series which is available in four sizes. 


How We Got Here

The garage. Cold grey cement floors, exposed rafters and drafty air—often the incubator for great ideas, talent and sound. But there are the obvious limitations—it’s a garage. In 1997 Calvin Mann, a singer songwriter, needed more. He needed more control and sound isolation for his recordings. Living in Central Oregon with no state-of-the-art recording studios he did what most driven artists would do—he created his own modular sound room—the first VocalBooth for VocalBooth.com. As luck would have it, recording technology was also becoming more accessible and affordable. Today the missing link to great professional, home-base recording and broadcasting is often the quality of sound isolation. VocalBooth.com has experienced tremendous growth in the industry, both in the US and internationally, because it offers a superior solution that can be both economical and robust.