Environmental Policy

VOCALBOOTH.com . . .  at the forefront of sustainable environmental practices.

As a global leader in the sale and manufacture of portable and modular sound control booths and a responsible company, we declare our commitment to the implementation of sustainable business practices in our own company, as well as in our supply chain. We strive for all areas of our business – including our suppliers – to have consistent values and to implement them. Our aim is clear: to raise the performance of our own factories and in our supply chain in the areas of social and environmental responsibility, and in this way to improve the lives of the people who manufacture our products, as well as the environment in which they are manufactured. In the context of growing environmental challenges, progressive environmental practices are an integral part of VocalBooth’s operational processes today. They form an important basis for the systematic and continued improvement of environmental performance. 

Environmental Mission Statement: 

VocalBooth’s Environmental Mission is to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. VocalBooth is committed to conducting business in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. We fulfill this commitment by:

  • Complying with environmental regulations
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner
  • Applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees
  • Striving to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • Clearly communicating VocalBooths environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties