Major League Baseball

major-league-baseball-broadcast-booth.jpg and VocalBooth form a great team. VocalBooths are used daily by for a myriad of online content development that keeps fans connected to what is going on in Major League Baseball. 

They Got

 Their three Silver Series VocalBooths were designed to fit together in a very specific space at’s New York City offices and broadcast facilities. They created a layout for the three booths to maximize space and efficiency. 


 The online presence of Major League Baseball is critical to staying connected to its fan-base with the most up-to-date information on games, teams and players. 

Why They Rock

 Major League Baseball is always looking for new and better ways to deliver content to its fans. Having three VocalBooths on site allows updates on a nearly instantaneous basis. Fans know they can trust for new and accurate information about their favorite teams and players. 

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