Silver Series VocalBooth

Economical Portable Performance

Our most economical VocalBooth, the Silver Series, is a single-wall design for applications needing extra sound isolation or a controlled recording environment. Often this booth is used in preexisting studios with minimal exterior sound issues.Available in 4' x 4' size only, with a 1'x2' door window, this booth is a great addition for home and project studios on a budget.

Starting at $4895, delivered.

(Standard freight to the US only - international delivery charges may apply.)

Standard Includes

Optional Includes


Exterior Height: 88 inches (2.24m)

Interior Height: 82 inches (2.08m)

Height w/ Casters: 92 inches (2.34m)

Wall Thickness: 2.75 inches (6.90cm)

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Decibel Reduction Specs* (Accurate to +/- 3dB)

Frequency ( Hertz )    125      200   500   1,000   2,000   4,000
Reduction ( dB )          26       27       29        36      40           42

*VocalBooth offers the highest level of sound reduction in the industry. Some competitors use impractical testing methods to inflate their sound reduction numbers. In direct on-site comparisons VocalBooth outperforms (reduces sound) more effectively than any other maker of a similar product - Click here to see how we test

Cableports: 1 to 8

Lighting: 120 Volt Fixtures (US Only) 

Assembly Time: 1 hour

Vent Systems: 1-4 Units 

Sizes: 4'x4'

Door: The Silver Series comes with our proprietary 78" x 32" x 1 3/4", solid wood door. Solid feel and triple seals set our door apart from the competition. Right swing only.

Colors: Standard is our executive gray convoluted foam interior and executive gray fabric exterior. Additional interior treatments and exterior colors are available.

STC Rated Windows: Available window size for the Silver Series is a 1' x 2' door window. Door Windows: STC 40