Sundance Film Festival

Widely considered the premier platform for American and international independent film. Sundance, could we do this again? We’re now spoiled. The tech passes you gave us for supporting the installation got us around the festival like royalty!—the VocalBooth team. 


 If you’ve been to Sundance you know that there are so many films to show that screens are set up in banquet rooms, gymnasiums and where ever space can be found. Problem being is that those big film projectors create a lot of noise and heat. In response, we designed and built three custom projector booths. One 10' x 12', and two 10' x 10’. Not only did we need to be portable and modular we needed to exhaust a lot of heat quietly. We installed mega fan units with equally robust sound suppressors. Both the technicians and production crews gave rave reviews to VocalBooth's premiere projector booth showing. 

They Got

 One 10' x 12' Gold Series, and two 10' x 10’ Gold Series projector VocalBooths. 

Why They Rock

 In 1981, Robert Redford gathered a group of his friends and colleagues in the mountains of Utah to create an environment designed to foster independence, discovery, and new voices in American film. That spring, ten emerging filmmakers were invited to the first Sundance Institute Filmmakers/Directors Lab where they worked with leading writers and directors to develop their original independent film projects. Since those first Labs, the Institute has grown into an internationally recognized resource for thousands of independent film, theatre, and music artists. The programs of Sundance Institute include the annual Sundance Film Festival, held in and around Park City, Utah, each January. Widely considered the premier platform for American and international independent film, the Festival has introduced audiences to some of the most original stories of the last three decades including Reservoir Dogs, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, American Splendor, An Inconvenient Truth, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Cove. 

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