VocalBooth Ventilation System


Our system runs quiet and high-capacity, standard. Using the latest in fan blade technology - we require no vent silencer systems. Also, there is no need for switches or remote controls because our fans can run the entire time you are recording. Fans are also quiet outside of the booth.

Vent Boxes 

Made with a special acoustic foam interior, vent boxes allow air to flow, but control sound entering or exiting the booth. These boxes are about 1' x 1' x 4', and can be placed on the wall, or ceiling.


Insulated duct attaches the fan to the vent boxes. The extra insulation reduces any sound from being introduced.

Using Your Existing HVAC

We can provide adaptors to connect your booth directly to your HVAC. Just let your VocalBooth Representative know your needs. In most cases, we will include the adaptors at no additional cost.

Energy Efficient

Our fans are low-draw and require no special power.