Sa Kim Cool

One of our coolest VocalBooth owners with the coolest name just finished her first project in her 5 Carat Diamond Gold Series VocalBooth. She recorded eight classic Christmas songs just in time for the holiday season. Sa did all of the arranging, orchestrating, singing, and mixing and we think she did a great job in dialing in some very good overall sound.  

What She Had To Say

"Now that I used Christmas songs to get a grasp of Logic Pro Audio, I will complete 8 more Christmas songs by next year, as well as write and record original material. Thanks for being so nice to me years ago when I was dreaming of buying a Vocal Booth and having a small home studio!" No Sa, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your dreams. We're all in love with you here at VocalBooth and we look forward to watching your evolution as an artist and listening to your projects.



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