Ron Fairchild

Ron has completed more studio work for the Oak Ridge Boys and continues to work with Larry Stewart and Restless Heart as well as Dan Whyms with Rock Island Line, Chris Golden, Jimmy Fulbright, Greg Gordon and other artists.

A 4' x 6' Gold Series VocalBooth from was added on January 30, 2007 and Ron says it's hard to imagine recording without it. Although Ron has been with the Oak Ridge Boys Band, aka The Mighty Oaks Band, for over 27 years, Ron Fairchild Music is the road into the future. Ron is an entertainer, composer, producer in his own right. He has recorded 6 of his own albums, 4 of them contain almost all original material. He also recorded an All-Star Christmas album, Christmas Without You, after the death of their grandson from SIDS and has donated ALL of the proceeds to the CJ Foundation for SIDS, to date over $13,000 has been raised . Ron with his wife Laura have worked very hard in the last few years to build Ron Fairchild Music into what it is today.