Make A Wish Foundation


We were contacted by the Make a Wish foundation for a price quote on a sound room for Eddie to make a studio in his basement. It was his greatest wish and a first for the Boston Make a Wish chapter. We went them one better. We heard the story and were excited to help make Eddie’s wish come true. We donated a 4' x 6' sound room package complete with windows. Eddie is now the proud owner of his own recording studio. Make a Wish supplied the other components including a mixing board, and recording equipment. Boston Celtics forward Walter McCarty was a surprise visitor to the party. McCarty is recording an R&B album and stayed to help Eddie record and mix his first song. Way to go Eddie! 

He Got

 4’ x 6’ Gold Series VocalBooth Why He Rocks Any child who is a recipient of the Make a Wish Foundation ROCKS!!! The moment to moment challenges they and their family face to make it through another day are daunting to say the least. Eddie has a dream and we are pleased we are able to help him get there one step closer. Please check out the foundation’s web site and see what you can do to make a wish come true—it may be the best thing you’ve ever done. 

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