Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga records on her tour bus with a VocalBooth. She recorded tracks for her recent hit album while on the road in a 4' x 6' Gold Series VocalBooth. 

She Got

A custom purple felt interior wrapped 4' x 6' Gold Series VocalBooth. Because Lady Gaga oozes creativity out of her pores when she sleeps. Why would she want to stop producing great music just because she’s on her worldwide Monster Ball tour? That’s what she was probably thinking when she decided to purchase a VocalBooth. Her music director, Joe Wilson (He’s an amazing musician and great guy. You need to check him out.), has a VocalBooth too. That’s where she was first introduced to the idea of using a VocalBooth on tour—not only for backstage warm-ups and rehearsals but also for her to record her next album. Rumors flying—but we’ve heard that up to 60% of her next album was recorded in her VocalBooth. (Her record company must be thrilled—we are.) 

Why She Rocks

 Do we really need to tell you? One of the things we like best about her is that she thinks outside the box. She’s proven that our booths are truly portable and modular, and that they meet the approval of some of the most successful and discriminating artists of our time. Lady Gaga first met her VocalBooth in the UK. We rushed it to her while she was on tour overseas. Now it’s on her bus in the States and, until we hear otherwise, keeping her quite busy. Get More Website: