Keystone Entertainment


Keystone Entertainment is one of the top film companies around and producers of the popular AIR BUD series of kids films. They chose VocalBooth for the quality, performance, and great customer service. 

They Got 

Needing a bit more room they ordered the mid-sized 8' x 8' Platinum Series VocalBooth in camel color interior and exterior. VocalBooth customized their window height to match up with their control room as well as specialized placement of the cable passage ports for ease of access. 


With long hours doing pre and post production work, Keystone required reliable performance in a comfortable and quiet space. 

Why They Rock 

Keystone Entertainment is an integrated entertainment company focused on producing and distributing family films. Our business includes a full scope of activities including development, production, post production, visual effects and distribution.

  • Keystone established a reputation as a pre-eminent filmmaker for the family market with the creation of the “Air Bud” franchise in 1996, which grew to include five films featuring Buddy the lovable golden retriever in various sports. Air Bud was followed up with the “MVP” (Most Valuable Primate) series of three films featuring Jack the chimpanzee. Other films produced during this time included “The Duke”, “Spymate” and “Chestnut”. In 2005 the “Air Buddies” franchise was born, with the first two installments (Air Buddies and Snow Buddies) being hugely successful DVD releases for Disney. Production of the third Buddies film, Space Buddies, began in winter 2008. 
  • Keystone’s success in the high-concept, family film genre has enabled it to build strong relationships with major U.S. film studios including Disney, Miramax, Warner, Sony and others.
  • In addition to producing our own films, Keystone is always looking for opportunities to apply its integrated operations and team to work with producers on their projects. Our vertically integrated model can be of significant value to producers in terms of production efficiency and financing assistance. 

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