Jesse James


As seen on Monster Garage and Motorcycle Mania, Jesse James uses his 4' x 4' Platinum Series VocalBooth for vocal overdubbing and voice over work at his garage studio. The Platinum Series was a perfect choice to eliminate unwanted sounds from around his shop for professional vocal recordings. Jesse's Platinum booth will see a ton of work with his documentary film company, Pay Up Sucker Productions where he produces his series Metal Church on Spike TV. 

He Got 

4' x 4' Platinum Series VocalBooth 

Why He Rocks 

Not only a TV personality and motorcycle manufacturer, Jesse has expanded his brand into, supplying chopper parts, accessories and chopper lifestyle novelty items. He’s created a working man’s clothing line and has a restaurant in Long Beach called Cisco Burger. His “Austin Speed Shop” can also pimp out your classic automobile. 

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