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I study hearing in fish and the response I often get is: "Hearing in fish??? But fish don't have ears!!" — Dennis M. Higgs, Phd They do, in fact, have ears, you just have to know where to look (fish have no EXTERNAL ear but they do have an ear inside their head that functions much the same as the ear inside your head). Since it is difficult to ask a fish what it hears, or at least difficult to get a straight answer, Dr. Higgs, Phd. has to come up with other ways to figure out hearing function. 


“Our VocalBooth is integral to address the question what fish hear. We have designed a long fish tank with an underwater speaker that fits inside our booth. We play sounds to the fish in the booth and record the responses of the fish brain, using much the same technique as used in human infants (although hopefully the infants are not underwater). The flexibility and reasonable price of the booth was integral to making this research work at our new lab in Canada.” Dennis M. Higgs, Phd. 

Why They Rock

Okay—I want to know what fish hear don’t you? If it wasn’t for Dr. Higgs and other researchers like him, this question wouldn’t be answered. We thank him for his confidence in our product and applaud his efforts. So now that we know fish can hear we should probably be careful what we say around them. We named our Beta fish at home Belly Up. Probably not the best idea. To learn more about Dr. Higgs research check out this site. 

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