Funky Rustic, LLC

Funky Rustic, LLC was founded with a vision: to create new and exciting audio for a variety of media. Having been involved in some of the most successful video games, Funky Rustic seeks to create a more interactive and in depth experience for any number of channels, from film, television, location based entertainment, retail and architectural enterprise. 

They Got 

Alex Brandon, President of Funky Rustic, LLC, opted for a 4' x 4' Gold Series VocalBooth with an orange Auralex interior and black exterior for their animation and gaming voice over needs. 

What They Had To Say

 "The booth arrived and is up. I have to say I love it! As it is within another room already it provides almost complete isolation from just about everything else which is exactly what I needed. It’s a great solution for voice over! Thanks so much to your company for building such a great product." - Alex Brandon, President, Funky Rustic, LLC

Why They Rock 

The client list of Funky Rustic, LLC speaks for itself. We're excited to be a part of your creative work. 

  • Timegate
  • Sojo Sudios
  • Ubisoft
  • Microsoft
  • Electronic Arts
  • Epic Games
  • 10-20 Media
  • Activision
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • Sega
  • Pop Cap
  • Nintendo
  • Obsidian
  • Eidos
  • Atari
  • Cartoon Network
  • Aspyr
  • Ion Storm
  • Luxaflux
  • Dell
  • National Geographic

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