Dog and Pony Studios

“There are no dogs. There are no ponies.” And thus there is very little clean up in their two Gold Series VocalBooths. 


This award winning post-production studio located and living large in Vegas had some unique challenges to overcome in terms of their location and the sound issues it presents to their recording process for voiceovers, ADR and Foley work. “Honestly, I was nervous because the studio has a border of an interstate, a large construction project being built right down the road and the fact that next to us is a helicopter landing pad for scenic tours,” John McClain, writer-creator-partner extraordinaire recalls. “But I must say there have been absolutely no sound leakage issues.” McClain admits that he did his comparison-shopping before making his decision about the purchase of two sound enclosures. “Every other brand has this low-end sound build up which the brand does not have. That allows us to avoid having to EQ a voice on a voiceover or ADR work. We can match previously recorded dialog.” 

They Got

 Two Gold Series VocalBooths 

Why They Rock

 Not only are there no dogs or ponies McClain’s website’s opening page further explains: “What we do is make sounds. Sound Mixing. Sound Design. Custom Music. Voice Talent. All the pieces of the sonic puzzle, created and assembled with noisy glee and manic inspiration, here in the shadow of theLas Vegas strip.” Producing quality Audio Since 2003 they received a Grammy, for work with late George Carlin , an Emmy for their work with HBO and in McClain’s words “so many Addys, Gladdys and Gee-That’s-Not-Baddys that we’ve resorted to using them as doorstops, paperweights and blunt instruments of personal defense. Take one from the box on your way out. Kids love ‘em.” Last time at NAB in Vegas we had the opportunity to stop by and check-in on Dog and Pony. They were proud to announce the birth, and we were happy to have a viewing, of their Comedy Central creation—Shmitty McFunkle and Stump. Check out the video we took of our visit! Here is what their web site disclosed about their latest and greatest...“Shmitty McFunkle and Stump, the animated series developed at Dog and Pony, will be airing on Comedy Central starting spring 2010! And we just launched the companion interactive website,, today! It is addictive. You have been warned. Spawned from a series of national commercials created for Skechers, Shmitty, McFunkle and Stump follows the hilarious adventures of three young men through life, love, nipple tape, back zits, tattoo sleeves, binge drinking and a million other things that make people’s mouths drop open and say. “I can’t believe they went there.” It’s quite possibly the best television program ever created in the history of the world. (Or, at least the best three-minute animated program created to run in the middle of the night between other larger programs... on basic cable.) Seriously, it’s really good and worth watching.” 

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