Carol Bach-y-Rita

Multilingual Jazz/ Bossa singer and voice over artist Carol Bach-y-Rita recently purchased a 4' x 6' Gold Series VocalBooth to complete her newest album and continue her voice over career. 


 Jazz, Brazilian Music and Salsa are Carol’s great loves. She sings mostly in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She’s also a talented voice over artist and you will fall in love with her the minute she opens her mouth to speak or sing. Her VocalBooth now allows her to work seamlessly from her Santa Monica home. 

She Got 

Our Los Angeles based technician custom installed Carol’s 4’ x 6’ Gold Series VocalBooth in a specially prepared alcove. A tight fit but we made it happen with alternate ventilation routing. 

Why She Rocks

 I'm very excited about my new CD "What Love Is", with Trey Henry, Robert Kyle, Mike Shapiro, and Jamieson Trotter. After laying out of the music scene for a number of years, I've taken a dive back into the pool with this recording, and with 2 beautiful working groups in LA - the band on my CD, and my "Sambalicious" group w/ Robert Kyle on Reeds and percussion, Mitchell Long on Guitar, John Leftwich on acoustic bass. Still continuing with voiceover (which I adore) and commercial acting work, but it is great to be refocusing on music! – Carol Bach–y-Rita 

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