Brian Garcia


“It really helps my work process. It allows me to work more from my home environment”—Brian Garcia 


 “The producer I was working with had recently purchased the Gold Series VocalBooth,” he recalls. “We were able to record Kelly Clarkson’s vocals and it worked great. I was really impressed…so much so that I asked the producer if I could have the booth and put it in my studio at home. He has graciously given it to me on indefinite loan!”—Brian Garcia 

He Got

 Along with his 4' x 6' Gold SeriesVocalBooth Brian, who often finds himself recording guitars also bought a VB Guitar Amp Box. This product has a convoluted foam interior, cable porting and has four sizes to choose from. Garcia reports he is able to get great tones when he uses it. “It really helps my work process,” he enthuses. “It allows me to work more from my home environment. I am finding that with budgets the way they are, this gives me an advantage as well as a comfort zone." 

Why He Rocks

 Acclaimed producer, writer, engineer, mixer, Brian Garcia is known for his work with American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson and other popular artists such as Avril Lavigne, drummer Carmin Appice and the Galactic Cowboys. Many good things came from Brian Garcia recording Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway album. A Grammy award followed, a good relationship with Kelly and her producer was strengthened…and Garcia was introduced to 

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