Sirius XM Radio


When Sirius XM Radio was looking for broadcast booths for news, weather and traffic; they turned to VocalBooth to meet their needs. 


Sirius XM was expanding their weather and traffic offerings but had run out of studios in their broadcasting center and they needed to upgrade quickly. Building permanent construction was going to be costly and time consuming. The process of acquiring building permits would also add to the time factor. VocalBooth was their best solution. In a matter of weeks they were able to have solid and professional sound enclosure solutions without many of the inconveniences of permanent construction. 

They Got 

We custom built four of our 6' x 8' Platinum Series VocalBooths to their broadcast specifications. Custom fabric on the interior panels and window heights adjusted to accommodate broadcaster’s sight lines are a few of their chosen options. 

Why They Rock 

Sirius XM Radio offers over 170 channels of digital broadcasting nationwide. Subscribers enjoy music, news and entertainment 24/7 via satellite transmission and via the internet. 

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