VB Guitar Amp Enclosure Review

All I can say is that I am BEYOND satisfied with my purchase!

My setup is such that I only use the cab for recording and so I have permanently located the iso cab in a closet that is below some stairs and across from my recording control room. I put two mics (SM57s) in the box with my 4x12 speaker cabinet and that is my setup. I have a 100 Watt amp that is probably putting out more like 120 Watts when it is cranked. I ONLY record with the amp completely cranked and I use no attenuation except for the iso box and the closet door. With my amp completely cranked and the cabinet in the iso box you built me, I can only hear the amp faintly outside of the closed closet door. Someone could easily watch TV in the adjacent family room with no problem. With the closet door open a reasonable amount of guitar sound still comes through, but I would relate it to moderate TV volume. So, in my experience, you could talk a bit louder than moderate TV volume and be heard over the cab. You would not hear it outside of the house - no way! Since a 50 Watt amp is only about 3DB softer than my amp, I wouldn't expect much difference. To me the key is having an additional barrier besides the cab itself, such as my "under the stairs" closet. Even a comforter or some blankets thrown over it will help, but I think the best bet is having it in a walk-in closet or a closed room of some type. Since I have the space to fit this large cabinet, my situation is ideal. My closet is even about a foot lower than the rest of the house on the ground floor. It is going to be tricky in an apartment without a solid walk-in closet or dedicated room if you want to play/record with family at home (not to mention the size of the cab itself!!), but hey, it is better than the alternative which would be jail Another issue might be vibration since a cranked amp cab vibrates a lot - the iso cab damps it a lot, but in a multi-floor apartment without quality construction, some vibration will escape to the floor below and some bass volume will be heard. Probably enough to get annoying - I'd put a bunch of material under the cab to damp it in that situation.. My cab is, of course, on the ground floor of my house. I would say that it would not be worthwhile to own one of these for practice as the sound is colored/muffled tremendously outside of the box. To me, this is a recording tool so that I can get cranked amp tone without annoying my family and neighbors. BTW - the velcro assembly is just genius, man! It makes it easy for me to just remove a side and get the cab out (my ceiling in the closet is too low to get it out the top) if I need it and move the iso box if I have to. It made it easy to assemble the box in the small amount of leftover space in that closet. Very smart design. My enclosure is 37"H X 36.5"W X 30.5"D. This gives just enough room to fit two mic stands and the 57s in a close mic arrangement. I use two SM57s, each mic'ing one of the top speakers of my Mojave 4x12. I have the mics parallel to the floor of the cab, right at the outside of the cone of each speaker, straight on (not angled) at the center height of the speaker about an inch from the grill. Both mic outputs go to the input of a Great River Electronics MP-2NV mic pre amp (Neve 1073 clone). From there one output of my mic pre (representing one mic'd speaker) goes to my recording system. On the other mic pre channel, I use the insert to put a Replex (digital clone of an old Echoplex) into the recording chain set for single repeat delay. That input then goes into the recording system as well. I record two tracks, one wet from the Replex, one dry, straight from the amp/cab I use a Mojave PeaceMaker 100W monster fully cranked with no attenuation except the iso cab and my closet. You guys made this thing too good - everyone I know wants one!!! Thank You, Steve Henning