Silver Series

Economical Portable Performance

Our most economical VocalBooth, the Silver Series, is a single-wall design for applications needing extra sound isolation or a controlled recording environment. Often this booth is used in preexisting studios with minimal exterior sound issues.Available in 4' x 4' size only, with a 1'x2' door window, this booth is a great addition for home and project studios on a budget.

Starting at $4895, delivered.

(Standard freight to the US only - international delivery charges may apply.)

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Silver Series Specifications

Interior Treatment Lighting
VB Pyramid Studio Foam VB Pyramid Studio Foam 120 Volt Fixtures - US Only Lighting Specs PDF 120 Volt Fixtures - US Only

Exterior Treatment Cable Ports
Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior Cable And Electric Pass Through Ports Cable Ports

Ventilation Door Window
Active Ventilation Ventilation Specs PDF Standard Ventilation 1' x 2' or 2' x 2.5' Door Window 1'x2' Door Window
Locking Door Handle Heil Ceiling Mount Microphone Boom
Locking Door Handle w/ Key Space Saving Ceiling Mounted Microphone Boom Heil Ceiling Mount Microphone Boom
Customizations? If you have specific needs, or would like other color or window options, please see our Gold Series VocalBooths.
Exterior Height: 88 inches (2.24m)

Interior Height: 82 inches (2.08m)

Wall Thickness: 2.75 inches (6.90cm)

Decibel Reduction Specs* (Accurate to +/- 3dB)
Frequency ( Hertz )
Reduction ( dB )
*VocalBooth offers the highest level of sound reduction in the industry. Some competitors use impractical testing methods to inflate their sound reduction numbers. In direct on-site comparisons VocalBooth outperforms (reduces sound) more effectively than any other maker of a similar product - Click here to see how we test
Cableports: 1 or 2

Lighting: 120 Volt Fixtures (US Only) Lighting Specs PDF

Assembly Time: 1 hour

Vent Systems: 1 Unit Ventilation Specs PDF

Sizes: 4'x4'only

Door: The Silver Series comes with our proprietary wood core door. The interior of the door matches the convoluted foam interior of the booth. Only available with Right Hinge Door.

Colors: Standard is our executive gray convoluted foam interior and executive gray fabric exterior. Additional interior treatments and exterior colors are available in the Gold or Platinum Series.

Windows: 1'x2' Door Window included.

VocalBooth Series Comparison Silver Series Gold & Diamond Gold Series Platinum & Diamond Platinum Series
4' x 4' Only
Sizes 4' x 4' up to 16' x 24'
Diamond shaped (Pentagonal) 3, 5, 10, 14 Carat size
Custom sizes available
Wall Construction
Single wall construction
2.75" wall thickness
3.25" wall thickness
Double wall construction
4" wall thickness
Upgradeable to double wall design
Polyfiber foam wall insulation
Interchangeable wall panels Limited
Modular wall design Limited
Expandable wall construction
Sizes 4' x 4' up to 16' x 24'
Diamond shaped (Pentagonal) 3, 5, 10, 14 Carat sizes
Heavy fabric exterior
Exterior color gray (standard)
Exterior color – black, brown, blue, chestnut, red or green (upgrade)
Acoustic gray foam interior (standard)
Auralex foam interior color – charcoal gray, purple, plum, forest green, kelly green, blue, orange, red, burgundy or brown (upgrade)
Fabric wrapped interior gray (standard)
Fabric wrapped polyfiber interior – gray, chestnut, black, purple, blue or red (upgrade)
Carpeted floor (standard)
Subfloor (standard)
Subfloor "decoupled floor" (upgrade)
Hardwood floor (upgrade)
Caster wheelbase (upgrade)
Wall Windows
3' x 3' double paned wall window (upgrade)
3' x 3' triple paned wall window (upgrade)
3' x 6' producer window (double paned) 8' wide or greater wall only (upgrade)
3' x 6' producer window (triple paned) 8' wide or greater wall only (upgrade)
Custom wall window size (upgrade)
Door Construction
Pre-framed and sealed door
Foam core door construction
Solid wood door
Single seal door
Triple seal door
Left or right door swing
Standard door width 32" 32" 32"
36" wide door (upgrade)
Door Windows
1' x 2' door window (upgrade)
2' x 2.5' door window (upgrade)
Heights and Clearances
Standard height
Interior height 82" 82" 82"
Exterior height 88" 88" 91"
Standard exterior height w/ caster wheels 94.5" 94.5"
Extended height
Interior height Up To 90" Up To 90"
Exterior extended height Up To 97" Up To 100"
Extended exterior height w/ caster wheels Up To 103.5" Up To 104"
Optional custom height
Active ventilation – three component system (standard) Ventilation Specs PDF
High Capacity Output Unit (upgrade)
Ceiling mounted ventilation
High volume system (upgrade)
Lighting – 120 volt electronic ballast for minimal heat and interference (standard US only) Lighting Specs PDF
Fully enclosed
Cable ports (standard)
Custom sizes available
Interchangeable wall panels Limited