VB Amp Enclosure

Guitar Isolation for Combo Amps
The VB Amp Enclosure allows you to record or practice your amplified instruments without sacrificing volume. The VB Amp Enclosure INCLUDES ventilation and is recommended for combo amps. Each enclosure includes a convoluted foam interior, heavy fabric exterior, cable porting, the VB Iso Pad (floor decoupler to reduce low frequency resonance) and is available in four sizes with room for your microphone. Turn it up and get the tones you crave.

  • Eliminates the ear blistering levels needed to capture the natural sounding distortion and overdrive produced by the speaker of a loud guitar amp.
  • Eliminates interference and the possibility of unexpected background noises affecting the recording of guitar tracks or other instruments.
  • Makes a perfect late night practice speaker cabinet—you get the sound and feel of your live rig but at a level not much louder than a practice amp. It will help keep your neighbors happy.
  • Provides a quiet rehearsal solution for any amplified band.

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Orange Amplifiers Demoed In A VB Amp Enclosure

Guitar great Doug Doppler uses a VB Amp Enclosure to test out Orange Amplifiers new Dark Terror amps (VocalBooth mentioned at 4:08)

Visit Doug Doppler online by visiting www.dougdoppler.com

Visit Orange Amps online by visiting www.orangeamps.com

Our Customers Speak Out
All I can say is that I am BEYOND satisfied with my purchase! I put two mics (SM57s) in the box with my 4×12 speaker cabinet and that is my setup. I have a 100 Watt amp that is probably putting out more like 120 Watts when it is cranked…More→

VB Amp Enclosure Specifications

Interior Treatment VB Iso Pad
Auralex Executive Gray Convoluted Foam Auralex Executive Gray Convoluted Foam For Low Frequency/ Vibration Reduction VB Iso Pad

Exterior Treatment Cable Ports
Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior Heavy Duty Executive Gray Fabric Exterior Cable And Electric Pass Through Ports Cable Ports

Ventilation Interior Access
Active Ventilation Ventilation Specs PDF Standard Ventilation
Small and Medium
= Detachable Lid
Med-Lg, Lg and Leslie = Split Detachable Lid
Detachable Lid or Split Detachable Lid

Interior Access Options Interior Treatments
Side Access DoorSide Access Door Detachable Split LidSplit Lid (Included for Med-LG, LG and Leslie) Auralex Acoustic Foam Optional Colors Fabric Wrapped Foam Interior Colors

Caster Wheel Base Exterior Colors
Enhanced Mobility Caster Wheel Base Black, Chestnut, Brown, Blue, Red, Green Exterior Colors

High Capacity Output Unit Unlimited Customizations
Increases airflow of the ventilation system: Ventilation Specs PDF Vent Silencer We work with our customers to meet most any custom needs. Please contact us for additional custom requests.

Small VB Amp Enclosure
Exterior Dimensions: 31″H x 30″W x 30″D
Interior Dimensions: 26″H x 24″W x 24″D

Medium VB Amp Enclosure
Exterior Dimensions: 37″H x 36″W x 30″D
Interior Dimensions: 32″H x 30″W x 24″D

Medium-Large VB Amp Enclosure
Exterior Dimensions: 37″H x 36″W x 36″
Interior Dimensions: 32″H x 30″W x 30″D

Large VB Amp Enclosure
Exterior Dimensions: 49″H x 48″W x 48″D
Interior Dimensions: 44″H x 42″W x 42″D