Order Information and Disclaimer

All sound rooms are for indoor use only and are not 100% soundproof. Sound rooms are modular, non-permanent, stand-alone structures without electrical wiring. Compliance with local and national building codes is purchaser's responsibility. All terms and conditions including any legal or court fees as a result of any legal action are governed under the laws of the state of Oregon.

Purchase order payment is 30 days net starting from the day we ship.  There will be a 2% interest charge per month on late invoices.  Standard Vocalbooths are compliant to a “C” fire rating.  Upgrade to “A” rating compliance is available.  California seismic and ADA compliance are not standard but upgrades are available upon request.

VocalBooth uses non-toxic water based paints. Touch up paint may be necessary. All panels and parts are standard sized building materials. Most tolerance levels rated at 1/4". VocalBooths will not withstand human weight or storage above ceiling. Vocalbooth.com Inc. will not compensate for assembly or time loss due to non-booth usage.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.