Definitely busting it out, there is enough energy and confidence in this Hip Hop artist’s lyrics and style that his future looks so bright he might have to wear shades. Because The competition is hot and heavy and you need to produce prolifically and efficiently. So having your own studio is what it’s all about. Famme has the convenience of laying down tracks when the creative muse strikes and when he is feeling his best. He Got Famme raps records in a 4' x 4' Silver Series VocalBooth which now gives him the ability to record at a professional level. Why He Rocks Famme first landed on Oklahoma’s hip-hop scene in December of 2008. Coming from the Shady 580 city of Ardmore, Oklahoma, many local media and entertainment outlets and personalities have been impressed with his natural skills and talents as an artist. He has been winning the respect of other artists as well with his recognizable voice and effortless delivery. A favorite on the internet, MCs from all over the country have requested Famme for guest features on their songs as many other fans flock to his sites to comment on his potential hits.

He is currently unsigned, but he and his management are working hard to secure a deal to take Famme to the world. In the highly competitive world of Hip-hop music, Famme has what it takes to be one of the greats. If you haven’t heard any of his music, check his Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, and any site that features his music. He often will have cameo shots of his VocalBooth in his videos. Get More Website: www.FammeMusic.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/Faymus09 Twitter: www.twitter.com/fammemusic