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Take your home studio to the next level with a VocalBooth. Whether you’re looking for a controlled recording environment or simply hoping to keep you neighbours happy, a VocalBooth is an ideal solution. Modular by design, a VocalBooth provides you with a proper recording space just like a professional recording studio. Offering three levels of isolation in sizes ranging from 4′ x 4′ to 16′ x 16′, as well as four diamond shaped rooms, our experienced sales staff can help you find a VocalBooth right for your home and application.

Recommended Home Recording VocalBooths
A 4′ x 6′ Gold Series or a 5 Carat Diamond Gold Series is a great addition for your home studio. We most commonly see our Gold Series in home recording studios, but from time to time greater isolation is needed and the Platinum Series is recommended. Each provide enough room to be comfortable and accommodate most instruments.

Partial List of Music and Recording Clients

2Kool Records
Aaron Fragozo
Adrian McKinnon
Afshin Arabghani
Al Lampkin Entertainment
Alina Christ
All in One Productions
Amplitude Music Production
Amy Freeman
Apple, Inc
Arnae Batson
Arseni Salkutsan
Atlantic Records
Awave Productions Ltd
Azeb Telahun
Back Stage Rehearsal
Barry Zito
Beaverton Music Services Inc.
Billy Cardine/ The Biscuit Burners
Blue Jay Productions
Blue Man Group
Bojan Dugic
Brian Anglim
Brian Garcia
Brian McKnight
Bryan DiFabio
Buffalo Nickel Studios
Bum Leg Records
Carol Bach-y-Rita
Caroline Lufkin
Central Command Studios
Chaos Theory Music
Charles McCowan
Charles Patterson
Chris Gunoskey
Chris Martin
Cirque du’ Soleil
Clean Cuts Music
Cohen Brown Mngmt Group
Creative Solutions
Crucial Recording
Crush Management
Dale Haggen
Dapomiro Productions
Dave Spiker
David Franz
David Kershenbaum
David Terrell
Debbie Frasier
Dominic Howard
Dominique Suttles
Donny Osmond
Drew Barrett
Electric Lady Studios
Emphasis Studios
Eric Awes
Eric Blocker
Eric Murphy
Eric Wilson / Sublime
Esquire Magazine
Fizzle Slap Entertainment, Inc
Four Seasons Entertainment
Frederic Pellerin
Front Row Seat Productions LLC
Full Moon Recording
Gabriel Narvaez
GalaEnterprises, LLC
Garfield Maitland
Gary Belz
Gemini Entertainment
Giants in the Dirt
Glenn Gilliam
Golden Show Co
Grand Street Studio
Groove Factory Records
Henson Recording Studios
Honor Roll Music
House of Blues – East Iris Studios
House of Blues Studios – Encino
Hydrogen Whiskey Studios
Ice Cream Factory Studio
Indigo Ranch Studio
Infusion Studios
Interscope Records
J Ace J Music
Jack Contreras
Jacob Owen
Jake Fleming
Jake Rodenhouse
Jeff Thomas / Dave Mathews Band
Jeff Wang
Jeremy Skaller
Jerry Fernandez
Jesse Canterbury
Jinjin Lin
John Jorgenson
John Korte
Ken Lorber
Kenneth Harris
Kiku Collins
L. Benito Guitars
Lady GaGa
Lebow Music
Lenworth Brown
Let em’ in Music
Liquid Blue
Lisa Wilkinson
Luke Touzour
Lyrical Productions
Magnet Man
Malcolm Welsford
Maniac Music and Film Group, LLC
Mariah Carey
Mario Cruz
Mark Bausch
Mark Black
Mark Greenberg
Marlon Belcione
Mars Music Group LLC
Martel Fowler
Martin Gore
Martin Guitars
Melody Beats
Michael Guerra
Michael Harrison
Michael Manchisi
Michael Martin
Michael Ward / Wall Flowers
Mike Gonsolin
Mind Quake Records
Mirror Image Studio
Mitch Watkins / Lyle Lovett
Naim Rhodes
New Rhyme Records
Night Crier Music
Off Da Rip Entertainment
On The Fringe Studios
One Track Music, LTD
Open Systems Metro
Papa Genius Productions
Patsy Pavliska
Paul Yoder
Penguin Group USA
Periscope Audio
Peter Lurye
Phil Parker
Piani Music
Pixel Records
Prajna Murdaya
Private Island Music
Pro Media
Pro Music Outlet
PRS Guitars
Quiet Voice Audio
Quincy Howard
Randy Jackson
RealDrum Tracks
Reed Daly Entertainment, Inc
Richard Del Maestro
Richard Duarte
Richard Noriega
Rip Cat Records
River Valley Studios
Rob Thompson
Robert Savage
Rock It Music
Rock-It Cargo
RockSTAR Music Corp
Rodney Jerkins
Ron Fairchild / Oak Ridge Boys
Ronald Anderson
Ryan Johnston
Scott Le
Scott Sherbrook
Shawn Monteiro
Sheffield Recording
Shon Campbell
Sled Dog Studios
Sound of Fury Studios
Stardum Music
Stefan Held
Steve Celi
Steve Marsh
Stomp Box Music
Stove Top Productions
Studio 645
Studio Del Maestro
Super Soundproofing Inc
Susan Katz
Swing Odyssey Studio
Takashi Nakamura
Tanya S. Browning
The Animal House
The Bakery Studio
The Groove Room UK
The Indie Way, LLC
The W Music Group
Thom Russo
Tom Amendola
Tom Laune
Tomasz Togula
Triad Studios
Tyler Perry Studios
Tyler Sykes
Up Time Studios
Vincent Escobar
Vinod Patel
W.O.E. Records
Wabasa Records / Safety Orange
William Hughes
William Lewis
Woon Hwang
Wyer Soun
Yuval Golibroda