Film and Television

A VocalBooth is a great sanctuary for our film and television clients. Whether you’re looking for a place to do vocal overdubs or need a quiet space to edit, we have a VocalBooth that is right for you. Our experienced sales staff is well versed in the needs of film and television clients and they will work with you hand in hand to meet your needs. Record, overdub and mix your entire project from one of our VocalBooths.

Recommended Film and Television VocalBooth
For overdubs or editing, our 8′ x 8′ provides enough room for multiple persons or equipment. The Platinum Series double-wall design allows for ultimate separation from the existing room. The Platinum Series will completely seperate you from your existing environment to get the job done right. An added 3′ x 6′ window will provide a clear view into and out of the booth for clear communication between talent and engineer. The Vent Silencer upgrade reduces the already quiet ventilation to a minimum for optimal vocal recordings.

Partial List of Film and Television Clients

ABC Network News
Adobo Productions
Anderson Audio Visual
Atlantis Group Recording
Audio Engineering Solutions
AVI Inc.
AVI Systems
Bang & Olufsen
Big House Audio
Boston Light & Sound
BW Noise
Cardinal Sound and Motion Picture Systems
Christie Digital Systems
Clark‐Powell Asssociates Inc
Creative Audio Productions
Current Entertainment
Cutting Edge Audio Group
Darkchild Entertainment
Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd.
Diogenes Productions
Dog and Pony Studios
Donald James
Donny Osmond
Dustin James
Echo Entertainment, Inc.
Ecinema Ventures
Endemol USA
Esdale Commercial Sound Inc
Eureka Productions, Inc
F5 Networks
Five Star Video, Inc
Flavor Lab / G & E Music Group
FlyFeNnix Productions
Foundation Content
Fudev International Communications
Hallmark Channel
Hangar Post
Horipro Entertainment
Impact TS
Jeff McNeal
Jesse James
Keystone Entertainment
KFST – TV Channel 30
Knight Media
KSM Studios
Long Bow Group
M Terrace Inc.
Magnetic Image Productions
Major League Baseball
Master Communications Group
Mission Images Inc
Moriah Films
New Age Technologies, LLC
New Art Miami
Novo Nordisk
Passmore Lab
Post Logic Studios
QSC Audio Products Inc
Radio Active AV
Ron Knight
RPM Studios
Serge Colbert
Sonic Moon
Southeast Audio Services
Stark Raving Solutions
Sundance Film Festival
The Capital Media Company
The Dog and Pony Show
The Studio at the Sunset Marquis
TK Digital Corporation
Tom Bodett
Toronto One Television
Vision Media Productions
Visual Sound
WestWind Pictures
Wheeler A
WNET New York