Audiology / Medical

4 x 4 Gold Series Audiology BoothVocalBooth is a great solution for audiologists. Expect a controlled testing environment with accurate results. We offer custom jack panels for simple incorporation of your testing equipment.

Recommended Audiology VocalBooth
A Gold or Platinum 4′ x 6′ VocalBooth offers accurate audiology testing. This size will ensure that your patients will be completely comfortable. A jack input allows for numerous devices to be plugged in from the exterior to reach your patient via the interior jack panel. A 3′ x 3′ window allows you to have clear eye-contact with your patient. The Vent Silencer upgrade reduces the already quiet ventilation to a minimum to provide the optimum testing area.

Partial List of Audiology / Medical Clients

Accucare Audiology & Hearing Solutions
Advanced Hearing
Al Amin Medical Instruments
Amdahl Hearing LLC
Andres Godinez Audiology Consultants
Applied Medical
Arches Audiology Inc.
Audiology Center of Yardley
Audiology Hearing & Balance
Austin Hearing Services
Basin Audiology
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Beltone Hearing Aid Center
Beltone New England
Billings Hearing Aid Center
Brant Audiology
Bruce Gosche AUD.
Burney Hearing Center
Cascade Hearing & Audiology Center
Catalina Ear, Nose & Throat
Chandler Medical Center
Chase Medical Complex
Clear Hearing
Conway Hearing Center
Coosa Valley Hearing Clinic
Creel Hearing Center
Dakim Inc., LLC
Doctors of Audiology
Dr. Carl Ermshar
Dr. Carmelo Sarecaceno
Dr. Mark Montgomery
Dr.Barry Pate Ear Nose & Throat Center
Economy Hearing Aid Clinic
Elite Audiology & Hearing Center
Expert Hearing and Audiology, Inc
Falls Plaza Hearing Center
Family ENT & Sinus Center of Harrison
Florida Hearing Aid Centers, Inc
Gensler Eye Center
Greenwood Ear Nose & Throat Center
Greenwood ENT
Gulf Coast Audiology
Gulfcoast Ear, Nose & Throat Associates
Hamlin Stephenson Hearing Care, Inc
Hearing Center Inc
Hearing Diagnostics & Soutions
Hearing Professionals
Hearing Solutions, Inc
Incus Hearing Solutions
Industrial Med Management, LLC
Integrated Hearing Health
Iowa Hearing Aid Center
ISU CSED Boise Center
Jane Waligora Audiology
Jean Allman Allman & Company Inc
Jeff Moore Audiology
Judy Pick Center for Better Hearing Aids
KJ Gorman, LLC
Lakeland Professional Hearing Center Inc
Lakeside ENT & Allergy Media Hearing Aid
Life Love & Health
MD Anderson Center
MHC Al Mukhlis Hearing Center
Miracle Ear Hearing Aid Center
MYND Works Inc.
Next Generation Hearing Care
Occupational Medicine Associates
Plymouth Ears, Nose & Throat
Professional Hearing & Balance Center
Professional Speech and Hearing Services HK
Second Chance Hearing, Inc
Sharon Yordon Beltone Hearing Center
Sound Advice Hearing & Audiology
Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers
Sound Audiology
Sound Hearing Solutions
Sound Point Audiology
South Tulsa ENT Center
The Doctors Center
The Hearing Clinic
The Hearing Doctor
The Hearing Stores
Todd Borgess Hearing Aid Center of Elk Grove
Town & Country ENT
Trinity Hearing A
West Coast Audiology