Advertising / Marketing

[galleryview id=23]VocalBooths have been used for trade shows, radio and TV commercials, animation, book readings, film narration, internet audio advertisements and language and instructional tutorials. Our VocalBooths provide a controlled recording environment for professional results.

Recommended Voice Over VocalBooth
One of our most popular units is the 4′ x 6′ Gold Series. The 4′ x 6′ allows enough space to be comfortable standing or sitting for those long sessions. Easily add a comfortable chair or a small desk for simple convenience. The acoustically treated interior allows for precision voice replication. The Gold Series allows adequate sound reduction for most any environment by reducing the preexisting room’s ambient noise. Recommended options would be a 3′ x 3′ wall window in order to provide a clear view between the talent and the engineer as well as our vent silencer upgrade to reduce the already quiet ventilation to a minimum for superior voice over.

Partial List of Advertising / Marketing Clients

Acme Spots
Amp Productions
Atlantic on Hold
Big Spaceship
CPB Group
Craftsmen Industries Inc.
DDB Ad Agency
De La Cruz & Associates
Exprima Media
Fierro Communications
Hammer Filmworks
JK Design
KAT Communications
Hammer Filmworks
JK Design
KAT Communications
Madskill Productions
Media Right Production
Mike Healey Productions
Moxie Interactive
On Call Interactive
Pyramid Radio Inc.
Saratoga Communications Inc.
Somerset Productions
Studio North
TMX Communications
Turner Creative Services, Inc
Young & Rubicam