Vocalbooth.com Will Be Found Throughout the NAMM Floor

3 Vendors will incorporate the VocalBooth into their Floor Space At NAMM NAMM – VocalBooth.com has become the leading manufacturer of sound enclosures used in home and professional recording environments. Several NAMM booth vendors see the value in offering a sound isolation booth for customers to experience their products, thus, the vocal booth will be found in three locations: Warrior Guitars, Eminence Speakers and Breedlove Guitars. “Clearly, the NAMM floor is full of excitement…and noise. What better way to isolate the customer and have them be able to focus on the sound of our product than to have them a VocalBooth,” said (maybe we could get one of the people at BL to agree to this quote) Vocalbooth.com will be at NAMM exhibiting at booth # 4334 with Eminence Speakers. “This is a great show for us. With the incredible shrinking recording budget everyone from producers and engineers to musicians and artists are finding that it is cost effective to have your own VocalBooth,” said Guy Coleman, director of Sales for the Bend Oregon company.
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