Matt Parmenter of Ice Cream Factory Studios Wins Breedlove Guitar from

Matt Parmenter of Ice Cream Factory Studios is the winner of the 35th Anniversary Breedlove Acoustic Guitar. accepted entries at the recent NAB show, online and via email. Matt was picked at random out of approximately 500 contestants. VocalBooth would like to thank all participants and ask that they check back for any future contests. Included with Matt's entry he provided the following image and review. Matt Parmenter of Ice Cream Factory Studios I wish I could be at the NAB show, but I'll have to settle for entering via email. The real question should be - "How are you NOT using your VocalBooth"? Mine is a 12x12 with two small windows and one large window. It's set up in the living room of my apartment, which always blows people's minds when they see it. Besides being the live room for all the jazz, pop and indie rock recordings I do, it's also the practice room for my band (, the practice room for my amazingly talented Welsh friends ( when they're in the U.S., and several of my friends have used it as a nice, quiet bedroom when they're staying in town. It gets rave reviews as a place to sleep. A friend of mine slept through a violent thunderstorm and had no idea that it was happening until I said something about the weather. I was able to find a spot with some almost effect-like bass buildup in one of the corners of the room when tracking a jazz player on his double bass, which really added a nice thick flavor to the direct and close mics. I was also able to track a kick drum from 10' away using a Neumann TLM193 to get a huge marching drum sound, and thanks to the quietness of the room there's no appreciable noise added to the track. Just big, boomy kick. I have recorded a small choir of 10 people, an accordion, a chorus of kazoos, trombone, trumpet, violin, glockenspiel and classical guitar, and every track has come out sounding amazing. Thank you again for helping me out with parts when I've needed them. I look forward to using your booths for years to come. Matt Parmenter Ice Cream Factory Studio Austin, TX
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