VocalBooth.com Has Great Year with Music Retailers

Bend, OR --- As the music retailing landscape continues to change, one company, VocalBooth.com is making a significant impact on the growth of several major stores. Music stores across the country are recognizing the profitability of in-store music instruction programs. Lack of space and sound control in the past has been a deterrent but no longer. Nick Rail, from Nick Rail Music, says the Bend, OR based company VocalBooth.com sound room offered the features most important to them—modular with portability and at the best price. “We considered two other vendors during our selection process but went with VocalBooth.com. The overall service was absolutely impeccable.” Rail bought six booths in various sizes ranging from 6’x7’ to 8’x10’ for his stores that are throughout Southern California. His seven stores, established in 1986, are the state's premier music dealers for schools. Rails is utilizing the VocalBooths as music lesson rooms for his growing customer base. “Prior to using VocalBooth.com we've always built our own studios at a significant cost. With VocalBooth.com our ‘construction time’ was cut down to just a couple hours per studio,” he marveled. “Our new VocalBooths belong to us, not the landlord. The studios can be disassembled, moved and reassembled with little effort in the event we want to redesign floor layout or move to a different location.” Rail feels that his music lesson program is held in higher regard as a result of the professional appearance and soundproofing capabilities the VocalBooths provide. Colleen McCormick, of Lamorinda Music in Lafayette, CA echoes Rail’s praise of VocalBooth.com saying, “We installed three booths 8’x8’, 8’x10’, 8’x12’ in our music store. We use them for private lessons with our loud instruments such as drums, woodwinds, and brass.” She continues, “We wanted to soundproof the studio spaces and this seemed like a good solution because we could customize the space and could re-arrange the studios, or add-on in the future. We also liked the ability to take them with us, or sell them, if we ever changed locations.” Lamorinda Music specializes in working with school bands but offers private instruction with quality instructors in their state-of-the-art studios anchored by the VocalBooths. McCormick feels this is just another benefit that they can offer that sets them above their competition. “The instructors and students like them very much and they look great. We opted for the high ceilings and extra windows. We have the camel color. It is just perfect. We love them.” VocalBooth.com will be exhibiting at Winter NAMM in booth #4334. For more information please contact Guy Coleman, Director of Sales and Marketing at 541.330.6045.
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