VocalBooth.com is the New Trend in Broadcast Studio Construction

Coast-to-Coast Voice Actors and Broadcast Companies are discovering the Benefits of Modular and Mobile Sound Enclosures NAB -- VocalBooth.com has earned a loyal group of fans from Grammy winning producers and engineers to broadcasting companies like Sirius/ XM, Pyramid Radio, Moody Radio, KBPS Public Radio and KFSN-ABC that seek to build a recording environment in a cost effective way without sacrificing sonic integrity. The company’s extensive line of VocalBooth’s boasts a variety of sound enclosures for a diverse range of applications. One of their premiere sound enclosures, the pentagonal shaped Diamond Series VocalBooth, will be on display at the NAB show at booth # SL9612. As the originator of this innovative design, VocalBooth.com’s Diamond Series booth was created to utilize the corner of a room as a space saving measure for tight quarters. This unique design has non-parallel walls to reduce standing waves and is available in four sizes. Dave Sabastian Williams, a renowned voice talent since the 1970’s and owner of Dave & Dave Studios in Los Angeles, is so convinced about the quality construction and effectiveness of the VocalBooth that he owns several. To those that seek his counsel when purchasing a sound room enclosure he advises, “Sound rooms are not all created equal. A key component to building the perfect studio with quality sound isolation is having a sound enclosure that makes it possible to limit sound leakage. VocalBooth.com makes that product.” VocalBooth.com is an industry-leading innovator and manufacturer specializing in state-of-the-art portable sound rooms and isolation enclosures.
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