Madonna Takes 3 VocalBooths on Sticky and Sweet Tour

Madonna Helps Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour Become Interactive. --Fans Are Able to Record In Music Lounges Created by the Manufacturer--™ worked with the ad agency of tour sponsor BlackBerry to add an exciting, promotional element to Madonna’s wildly successful Sticky and Sweet tour. Usmp, an experiential marketing agency that specializes in consumer engagement, wanted to create music lounges for the 22-city tour that would serve as a promotional tool for their roll out of the new product, The BlackBerry Bold. “The idea was to create a place in the corridors of the venue where the fans could come, record short clips of a selected Madonna song to use that as their ring tone on their BlackBerry,” said Calvin Mann, president™ of the innovative idea. “We were able to build three music performance lounges using our VocalBooth™ as the foundation. These lounges go from city to city with the tour.” Mann said that the Dallas-based agency was very clear on what they wanted aesthetically from the music lounges.™ is proud of the transformation they were able to create by turning the VocalBooth™ into three comfortable, vibey music lounges. “They all look like giant BlackBerry Bold phones and provide an impeccable recording studio for the fan to walk away with the perfect souvenir of the evening.” Usmp had concerns that the booths would not be able to travel well throughout the lengthy tour. Those fears have been alleviated by the durability of the VocalBooth™. “We were able to put each booth on castors so that they could roll into each venue with ease,” Mann reports. “In addition to the booth, we designed every pro audio element needed to make a top recording environment.”™ is a solution-based company and they enjoyed being able to take this large-scale project from start to finish. “This project presented an interesting array of challenges that we were able to provide solutions for,” said Guy Coleman who served as the project director. “From the portability of the VocalBooth™ to the reliability of the sound equipment we provided. It was critical that this all worked together.”
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