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VB Amp Enclosure
Barry Rudolph’s Recording Gear Hits At The 2009 Winter NAMM Show - VB Amplifier Enclosure I found many problem solvers at this year’s show and’s VB Amplifier Enclosure is a great one. It solves the problem of recording electric guitar in proximity to other quieter instruments or in the same room as your apartment/home studio. After you place your amp inside this enclosure and close it up, you’re ready to dial up a full and loud rockin’ tone, play on “10” if you must, all without breaking your lease. The enclosure comes in four sizes and has a convoluted foam interior. There is a cable “pass-through” port and room for your microphone(s) and you can order it with optional caster wheels and/or baffled-ventilation system to vent heat from a big tube amp. View This Article | Barry Rudolph's Website
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