VocalBooth Covered in New Toys by Barry Rudolph

VocalBooth.com has four different series of soundproof booths: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Starting at $2,995 including shipping, these booths escalate in price depending on your personal needs but they all start with ventilation, lighting, cable passage and optional windows. Sizes range from 4'x4' up to 16'x16' and are built for professional recording, voice over, broadcast, studio control, audio post production, drum isolation, rehearsal, audiology, scientific testing and industrial sound dampening. I find interesting that you can upgrade for either more isolation and sound deadening without buying a whole new booth. And as you might suspect, the more expensive models are quite stylish; some have five non-parallel walls to reduce ugly-sounding standing waves. The pentagonal booths are available in four sizes in either the Gold or Platinum series. Each booth series is customizable to your personal desires. Options include: different size door widows; caster wheels for moving the booth easily; vent silencer; different exterior colors; Auralex foam interior; fabric wrapped acoustic foam interior; hardwood flooring; extended or reduced height. The new premium upgrades include: Auralex acoustic foam available in ten colors; exterior color choices available in five colors; fabric wrapped foam interiors also available in five colors; sound dampening sub-flooring; hardwood flooring and super-quiet ventilation systems. www.vocalbooth.com. View Barry Rudolph's article at http://www.barryrudolph.com/newtoys/toys5/vocalbooth.html
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