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Inteview with President and Founder Calvin Mann By Jonathan Widran A veteran entrepreneur and performing singer-songwriter, Calvin Mann realized in the mid-90s that for thousands of artists like himself, the future of recording was in the home studio environment. He created his own studio, and in an effort to appease his landlord and other tenants in his apartment complex who were complaining about the noise level, began constructing his first vocal isolation booth. He soon saw the potential to fill a unique need in the industry by launching in 1997. Living up to its tagline urging clients to let them “Complete Your Dream,” The Oregon based company ( specializes in the manufacture of professional sound isolation booths and enclosures. These help provide an acoustically clean space for both vocalists and instrumentalists looking for a pure sound free of outside environmental noise and bleed-over onto other tracks of the recording.’s modular booths are used in home, project and professional applications worldwide. The most common of these are recording, voice over, broadcast, studio control, audio post-production, drum isolation, rehearsal, audiology, scientific testing and industrial sound dampening. Some of the company’s better known clientele includes Motorcyle Mania and Monster Garage host Jesse James; Grammy nominated trumpeter Kiku Collins; producer and longtime Oak Ridge Boys member Ron Fairchild; Lyle Lovett’s guitarist Mitch Wakins; top producer, engineer and mixer Brian Garcia; Tom Bodette, the “voice of Motel 6”; Nick Lachey; XM Satellite Radio and the Sundance Festival. Each completely enclosed system includes lighting, cable ports, active quiet ventilation, optional windows and unlimited customizations. offers four different series to meet most any sound control/isolation issue. Their standard shaped Silver, Gold and Platinum Series sizes range from 4’x 4’ to 16’ x 16’. The most commonly used sizes are 4x4 and 4x6. The pentagonal shaped Diamond Series is available in four space saving sizes.’s Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Series sound rooms offer different levels of performance and options. The Silver and Gold Series are a single wall design, the difference being that the Gold is a more robust booth with a heavier duty door and a thicker wall system for better sound deadening. The Platinum Series is a double wall design, that adds another layer of isolation from floor to ceiling, and the Diamond Series is available in either the Gold or Platinum wall construction. These four models have been developed in order to better tailor a sound room to the client’s budgets and unique recording needs. The Silver Series is the company’s most economical and is available in 4’x 4’ size only. Clients who have the Gold Series and would like more soundproofing later on can have their booths upgraded to the double wall Platinum Series specifications. The double wall designed Platinum Series is the premium class of VocalBooth and offers greater noise reduction and the ultimate in styling and professionalism. The Diamond is the jewel of the VocalBooth series that is installed as a corner booth; its five-sided diamond pattern allows maximum usage of studio space as well as offering natural acoustic attenuation properties. The Diamond Series is available in either the single wall Gold Series or double wall Platinum Series. Shipped all over the world, the VocalBooth products are notable for their fast, easy assembly, with no special tools needed; sealable cable ports; active, quiet ventilation and unlimited customization. VocalBooth also offers the latest gear and technology from recording industry leaders. Whether the client is a professional or home recording enthusiast the company has products and packages carefully selected to best match his or her needs and their booths. Customers often save up to 35% off the retail price on such items as the Pro Tools Packages like the Pro, Elite and Premier Series and Universal Packages like U-Pro, U-Elite and U-Premier. “We can acoustically treat any room to sound perfect,” says Mann, VocalBooth’s President and Founder, “so that you can be confident when you walk in the studio that you won’t have to waste time re-recording passages with extra noise. It’s all about helping clients get their work done efficiently. It’s been exciting to experience the growth of the company and realize how it’s impacting the lives of so many artists, mixers and engineers.”
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