VocalBooth.com Provide a Creative Recording Environment with New Upgrades

Earlier this year Vocalbooth.com announced the addition of premium upgrade options to their line of custom designed booths. The new Vocalbooth.com options include Auralex acoustic foam available in ten colors, hardwood floors with sound dampening sub-floors, fabric wrapped acoustic foam wall sound absorbers, and superior quiet ventilation systems. In addition to these personalized options other customizations include interior and exterior colors, foams, fabrics, windows, floors, industrial casters and more. "We seek to provide our customers with an array of choices to fit their particular sound reduction needs. The latest addition to our high-quality options offers our customers the ability to incorporate state-of-the-art materials into their customized VocalBooths," declared Calvin Mann, President of Vocalbooth.com. "Auralex is just one of our upgraded product offerings that are at the top of the list for those desiring custom designed booths." A.J. Tissian, an accomplished producer/engineer living and working in New York City, recently purchased a custom 14 Carat Platinum Diamond VocalBooth. Some of the upgrades included in his VocalBooth were a beautiful hardwood floor, caster wheel base, extended height and an optional black exterior. In addition to the custom features he desired, AJ was encouraged by the portability and space saving aspect of the booth itself. “My studio is about 500 square feet,” he says of Grand Street Studio where he works regularly for Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group and Stern’s Music Group. “I have used it in a variety of applications and it has exceeded my expectations at every turn.” Tissian adds that it was when he recorded drums in his booth for the first time that he realized his purchase was an excellent solution. “The booth has a certain live-ness to it that is remarkable. I don’t find I have to add a lot of effects at all. It really proved itself when I recorded drums and my neighbors in my New York apartment building did not hear!” VocalBooth.com will be exhibiting in booth # 4334 with Eminence Speakers at Winter NAMM. Those looking for a turnkey solution to sound isolation while providing a creative recording environment need to look no further. “For years we have been providing the most quality sound enclosures in the industry,” said Calvin Mann. “Our goal is to make sure our customers get the best possible VocalBooth for their space and budget.” View This Article
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