Custom Heights – Up To 9’6″

Our product line is growing... vertically. We are now offering VocalBooths as tall as 9'6"
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9 Responses to Custom Heights – Up To 9’6″

  1. Naren Allam says:

    I’m looking for vocal both in India, Hyderabad, there any contact in Hyderabad.
    please mail me.

  2. Steve W says:

    INFO brochure

  3. i want to get a vocal booth and i love to rap i need to buy one and i need to pick the way i want it

  4. interested in general information for using vocal booth for musical instruments.


    Could you please send me a pricing chart. I am interested in the 9 *6 as well as other configurations and their cost.

    Thank you
    Ethan Gladstone

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