Announcing Two Major Improvements to Our Ventilation System

VocalBooth quiet vent system.

Using the latest in quiet airflow technology, VocalBooth has redesigned our ventilation system, eliminating the need for Vent Silencer Upgrades!  No need to turn off the fans for recording; our standard ventilation system now performs just as quietly as the previous Vent Silencer Upgrade, at no extra cost.

We have also upgraded the duct system to an insulated duct hose. This keeps outside noise from leaking into the system, and reduces airflow noise even more.

We are also now pleased to offer the High Capacity Output Unit. It has always been challenge; balancing airflow with sound performance – this new unit nearly doubles the airflow, while keeping sound under control.  If you are in a warmer climate, work with heat-generating equipment in your booth, or if you work with multiple people in the booth on a regular basis the HCOU is your answer.

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2 Responses to Announcing Two Major Improvements to Our Ventilation System

  1. Dustin Nulf says:

    Hi VB,

    I purchased a Gold Series booth (4 x 6) in 2011. It’s good for sound reduction, but the ventilation & silencer aren’t keeping my vocal talent people from getting very warm during sessions. Now, I’ve noticed your latest blog about improved ventilation systems. Is this new system, and the High Capacity Output Unit, compatible to my current vocal booth? I may be interested in swapping my current ventilation with your new models. Thanks for any info.


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