VocalBooth Celebrates 15 Years Of Business

It's our birthday! August marks our 15 year anniversary of manufacturing and selling VocalBooths worldwide. I had no idea it would go this far. I started building sound enclosures in my garage in hopes that I could sell to a few musicians and make enough cash to support my song writing habit. Not yet having an assembly manual, I drove the first VocalBooth I sold in a U-Haul from the West coast to New Jersey and assembled it for the customer in his home studio. My garage has now become two buildings in an industrial park totaling 25,000 square feet with more than a dozen employees and a client base that ranges from major corporations and institutions to hearing testing clinics and of course pro studios and project studios along with the homes and studios of popular recording artists. It seems every few months we meet a new type of client with a completely new application for our products. What we manufacture now is a far cry from those first few VocalBooths. Subscribing to a culture of constant innovation and high standards in manufacturing and customer service we continue to set the bar in our class of modular sound enclosures. From the feedback we get from our clients and what we read in the cyber sphere I can confidently say we are the leader in our field. In our continual pursuit of better control of the quality of all our manufacturing processes we have brought our door manufacturing completely in house with the addition of a state of the art door milling machine. I especially love the name of it, a Signature Series Magnum Door Machine by Norfield Industries. We will be soon offering an expanded menu of door options. We have also brought our metal parts manufacturing in house with a hydraulic metal shear, hydraulic press brakes and all the necessary equipment needed for a complete sheet metal fabrication shop. Along with better quality control these new additions will reduce parts costs which will allow us to keep our pricing as competitive as possible. Another benefit of all this new equipment is the ability to easily do prototype work which in turn allows us to continue to develop what we feel is our greatest strength, innovation. These last 15 years have been a great ride and I feel I'm a very lucky guy. With a truly amazing staff I am now able to work less in daily operations and more on special projects which includes getting back to where this all started, making my own music. I’m recently engaged to a beautiful woman and have been working on a little tune for her. "She's not my buddy, she's not my pal, she's not my girlfriend, she's not my gal. She's my fiancé. She's my fiancé. Folks in France that's what they say. She's my fiancé . . ." I keep hearing it's really not the love song she was hoping for but I think it will grow on her. 🙂 Calvin Mann President & Founder
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  1. Rudy López says:

    Thank you,
    I have had a 6×8 Platinum for about 7 years and I plan to have it for a long time. I recently moved to a new home and my vocal booth came with us. I have recorded and produced about 75 songs with the booth and I plan to record many more.
    Again, thank you,

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