VB Amp Enclosures Becoming Artist Choice

This week we wanted to talk a little about our VB Amp Enclosures and VB Speaker Boxes.  These little guys have gained popularity lately for home practice, stage tone and volume control, and for studio recording. On the studio recording side we at VocalBooth were stoked that two major studios purchased several VB Amp Enclosures to make available to some major artists making new records.  Tuesday, June 5th Joe Walsh (www.joewalsh.com) released his first solo record in quite a few years.  It also took him some time to complete the record as he still tours and records with that other band he’s in, the Eagles. At House of Blues Studios in Encino (www.houseofbluesstudios.com) he used our VB Amp Enclosure with full ventilation to produce great tone and volume for his combo amps.  Take a listen to Joe’s new record, ANALOG MAN, it’s an instant classic. Meanwhile on the other side of the country Electric Lady Studios (www.electricladystudios.com) in New York made their two Large VB Speaker Boxes available to Coldplay (www.coldplay.com) during the recording of their current release, Mylo Xyloto.  They liked them so much that they ordered one for their own studio in London. Today many churches have “worship bands” and the electric guitar plays a keen role in these groups.  But, as you guitar players know, it’s all about the tone.  To get tone requires volume.  Too much volume blows everybody else on the platform or stage away.  The VB Amp Enclosures are being used in many churches to allow the guitar player to get the tone he or she needs and allows the sound engineers to mix and control it so it blends beautifully with the rest of the artists. And for the most basic use of these tools, just having a VocalBooth Amp Enclosure or Speaker Box in one’s home can save a lot of upset family members, room-mates or neighbors.  Be sure to check these babies out at VocalBooth.com. Till next time; Play it Loud!
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