Donny Osmond Comfort Fits His VocalBooth

Donny Osmond recently sent in this photo of his latest additions to his 4' x 4' Gold Series VocalBooth. As a good friend of VocalBooth, Donny likes to keep us up to date as he continues to comfort fit his VocalBooth. You can see that Donny has added shelving and a desktop to the interior of his VocalBooth located at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Donny spends many hours in the VocalBooth throughout the week where he broadcasts his Donny Osmond Radio Show. He also utilizes his VocalBooth to record new music. When he is not using this VocalBooth, Donny also has a 4' x 6' Gold Series VocalBooth at home. Keep creating good friend and as you know we're always here to assist you. You can follow Donny on Twitter or visit his website for the latest on all things Donny Osmond at
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