VocalBooth Attracting Major Game Developers

Ubisoft, ArenaNet, Red 5 Studio and other Game Companies are Experiencing Increased Productivity and Cost Savings with their VocalBooths NAB Show 2011 – Today great audio in game production is essential. Nothing kills a game faster than bad sound. Some of the most successful game companies with top titles including Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed, ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 and Red 5 Studios’ Firefall have chosen VocalBooths™ for their sound studio solution. VocalBooths™ help these companies stretch their budgets, as well as enhance their creative process and increase productivity. “Our VocalBooth™ saves time and money, urges creativity, and helps develop internal talent,” states Levon Louis, Audio Director for Ubisoft one of the largest game developers in the world with such titles as Assasin’s Creed. “Rapid prototyping is now our new reality and the flexibility to experiment constantly with new audio concepts becomes possible. Because we have a VocalBooth, we no longer have to outsource for basic needs—these babies pay for themselves pretty fast. I think every game studio should have a VocalBooth.” Many game companies are recognizing that a VocalBooth is an investment and is a good choice to start in-house audio development—a low risk, affordable investment that delivers pro quality. Modular and portable by design makes the VocalBooth™ an asset that can be moved, rearranged and upgraded when a company needs it—unlike hard built booths. “We’re leasing the building we’re in and needed a quick and temporary solution for our sound isolation,” said James Ackley, Audio Director, ArenaNet. “I had been in other modular sound rooms and wasn’t impressed. The VocalBooths™ we purchased exceeded my expectations. They sound and look great.” Trusted by Grammy winning recording artists such as Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga to get the professional sound quality they need for their latest albums—VocalBooths are in some of the most discriminating sound studios worldwide. VocalBooth.com is an award-winning, industry-leading US manufacturer specializing in state-of-the-art portable sound and amplifier enclosures—VocalBooths. For More Information: http://www.vocalbooth.com
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