2010 Esquire House and VocalBooth Team Up

Sometimes just when you think your life is work and carpooling something extraordinary and out-of-the-ordinary springs up. It was swanky, sparkly and spanky new—the 2010 Esquire House was everything it promised and more. As one writer put it, “It's huge. Really pretty and shiny. And filled with booze and ridiculous gadgets.” If I were a bachelor and I was looking for the ultimate man cave I might say this is it. (Note: When touring the house I noticed there were no guest rooms and the “bachelor’s” closet, stuffed with Rolexes and Ferragamo shoes, was the size of my living room. The women’s “guest” closet—not so much. About the size of my shower—enough for a LBD and that’s about it. Hmmmmm. What’s that saying?) Included in the many rooms donned by great design and technology was a state-of-the-art recording studio featuring a VocalBooth. This was not just any VocalBooth, we’re talking an ultimate customized VocalBooth with midnight blue cashmere upholstered exterior trimmed in stainless and ebony hard wood floor. We attended the first red carpet event to launch the opening of the Esquire House season of charity shindigs. It was fun and fabulous—we mingled and lounged Esquire style.
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