It’s Pink For Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's Pink VocalBoothYes, you read it here first. Mariah is the new recipient of a “pink” VocalBooth. Songstress and booth are doing well and reported enjoying each other immensely. Mariah chose her beloved motif of Monarch butterflies to be included in her custom VocalBooth design. This was a fun project for us and our first pink (“Hello Kitty” pink to be exact) VocalBooth. It looked fantastic. The black exterior had a sophisticated contrast to the soft felt wrapped yummy pink interior. Just being in the booth made you feel like you were floating in strawberries and cream. The personalized initials on the door were also a nice touch. We heard from our “sources” that Mariah was pretty thrilled. How could you not be when you get exactly what you want—your own custom VocalBooth for your home recording studio that has a great sound and a great vibe.
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